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The Breaking News Directory features the latest developing stories and news updates on tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, floods and other natural calamities, with up to the minute situationers via online radio stations, streaming television newsfeeds, plus news alerts on school closings, school shootings, train derailments, highway accidents, chemical spills, airport closings, snow emergencies, power outages, missing children, police hot pursuits, bank robberies, court decisions, and homeland security alerts.

Breaking news via online newspapers and other print media:

The Australian (Australia)
Forbes (USA)
Globe and Mail (Canada)
Guardian - UK Latest (UK)
Guardian - World Latest (UK)
Haaretz (Israel)
The Hindu (India)
Irish Examiner (Ireland)
Mail and Guardian (South Africa)
New York Times (USA)
Observa (Uruguay)
Philippine Daily Inquirer (Philippines)
Scotsman Business (Scotland)
Star-Telegram (USA)
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Times of India (India) / Irish Independent (Ireland)
The Virginian-Pilot (USA)
WIRED News - Breaking News Headlines (USA)

Breaking news updates via online radio broadcasts:

BBC News Africa
BBC News Americas
BBC News Asia Pacific
BBC News Europe
BBC News Middle East
BBC News South Asia
BBC News United Kingdom
BBC News Business
BBC News Entertainment
BBC News Health
BBC News Science and Nature
BBC News Technology

Developing stories and breaking news via online TV networks:

ABS-CBN News (Philippines)
CBS News - Breaking World News (USA)
Sky News (UK)

Breaking news feeds via cable news networks:

CNN - Breaking News (USA)
Fox News (USA)

Breaking news stories via online news agencies:

Associated Press - World News / Newsday (USA)
AP - US National News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Washington Politics / Newsday (USA)
Associated Press - Business News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Wall Street News / Newsday (USA)
Associated Press - Entertainment / Newsday (USA)
Associated Press - Health News / Newsday (USA)
Associated Press - Science News / Newsday (USA)
Associated Press - Sports Sports / Newsday (USA)
AP - Baseball News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Basketball News / Newsday (USA)
AP - College Sports News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Football News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Golf News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Hockey News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Soccer News / Newsday (USA)
AP - Tennis News / Newsday (USA)
Reuters - Latest News and Financial Information (UK)

Internet-only breaking news sources:

Ananova (UK)
Altavista News - Top Headlines
Big News Network - Breaking News
Breaking News @ BigBlog
Breaking News Blog (Ireland)
Google News
MIGnews (Ukraine)
NASA - Alerts and Breaking News (USA)

Other Breaking News Sources:
Live Internet TV Programs | Live Radio News Webcasts


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