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The NewsWealth.com college campus press guide features top student newspapers, blogs, magazines, newsletters and e-zines via our global
College News and Media Directory

The Fifth Estate (Melbourne)
NewSpace (Queensland)

Argosy (Mount Allison)
The Argus (Lakehead)
Arthur (Trent)
Athenaeum (Acadia)
The Brock Press (Brock)
Cadre (Prince Edward Island)
Carillon (Regina)
The Charlatan (Carleton)
The Concordian (Concordia)
Cord Weekly (Wilfrid Laurier)
Excalibur (York)
The Eyeopener (Ryerson Polytechnic)
The Fulcrum (Ottowa)
The Gateway (Alberta)
Gauntlet (Calgary)
Gazette (Dalhousie)
The Gazette (Western Ontario)
Humber et Cetera (Humber)
Imprint (Waterloo)
Iron Warrior (Waterloo)
The Link (Concordia)
Mars’ Hill (Trinity Western)
The Martlet (Victoria)
McGill Daily (McGill)
McGill Tribune (McGill)
The Muse (St. John’s)
The Navigator (Malaspina)
Ontarion (Guelph)
The Peak (Burnaby)
Perspectives (British Colombia)
The Pioneer (Loyalist)
Queen’s Journal (Queen’s)
Reflector (Mount Royal)
The Sheaf (Saskatchewan)
The Ubyssey (British Colombia)
Ultra Vires (Toronto)
The Varsity (Toronto)

Humbug (Berlin)
Ruprecht (Heidelberg)

Student Independent News (National)

The Guidon (Ateneo de Manila)

South Africa:
Vuvusela (Witwatersrand)

South Korea:
The Dong-A Herald (Dong-A)
Granite Tower (Korea)

The Netherlands:
UT Nieuws (Twente)

Chronicle (Duke)
Columbia Daily Spectator (Columbia)
Daily Bruin (UCLA)
Daily Orange (Syracuse)
Daily Princetonian (Princeton)
Daily Targum (Rutgers)
Georgetown Voice (Georgetown)
Harvard Crimson (Harvard)
Justice (Brandeis)
Miscellany News (Vassar)
Purdue Exponent (Purdue)
Stanford Review (Stanford)
Tartan (Carnegie Mellon)
Tech (MIT)
Triangle (Drexel)
Tufts Daily (Tufts)
Vanderbilt Hustler (Vanderbilt)
Villanovan (Villanova)
The Wesleyan Argus (Wesleyan)
Yale Herald (Yale)

Additional US college campus
newspapers via extensive
state-by-state listings are

United Kingdom:
Cherwell (Oxford)
Concrete (East Anglia)
Epigram (Bristol)
Felix (Imperial)
Impact (Bath)
Independent Voice / Student (Edinburgh)
London Student (London)
Navigator (Falmouth)
Nouse (York)
Oxford Student (Oxford)
Saint (St. Andrews)
Varsity (Cambridge)
Warwick Boar (Warwick)
Wessex Scene (Southampton)

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