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By L. ‘ManongNoy’ Seņeres    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mar’s hopes

Ruffa wants to leave all the
pains of 2007 behind – GMA TV News

Would that include leaving the Turkish pain in the neck?

*    *    *

31 M employees, officials
return to work today – Manila Bulletin

This item was actually on MB’s front page yesterday . . . as if there was any doubt that people would go back to work the day after New Years’s Day.

*    *    *

More Chinese tourists seen – Philippine Star

Practically unseen are countless Chinese tourists that have set up retail stores . . . mainly in Divisoria . . . in unfair competition with the locals.

*    *    *

Roxas pushes 3 bills’ passage to
fulfill Pinoys’ hopes in 2008 – Daily Tribune

These are the affordable medicines bill; the suspension in the collection of e-VAT; and the exemption of minimum wage earners from paying income tax . . . which could allow Sen. Mar to fulfill his presidential hopes in 2010.

*    *    *

Church lands covered by agrarian
reform law – Manila Standard Today

Which creates a new perspective for the expression “level playing field”.

*    *    *

Bill seeks publication of officials’
tax payments – Manila Standard Today

Expect the bill to be paid no better than lip service in Congress.

*    *    *

Jalosjos' release revoked, reset
to June 2010 – Philippine Daily Inquirer

All because time off that he insists he earned for good behavior has been cancelled . . . primarily because of his recent bad behavior.

*    *    *

Military to probe US troops interference
on Sulu hospital – ABS-CBN News

It would be interesting to find out why an American grunt thought he could order the locals around . . . other than his total unfamiliarity with the word ‘sovereignty’.

*    *    *

Customs deal with oil firms
questioned – Manila Standard Today

Technical smuggling has become so brazen and rampant under the watch of Commissioner Napoleon Morales that one begins to wonder if somebody who’s bigger than him is really calling the shots at Customs.

*     *    *

Jinggoy has most number of bills
likely to be approved – Manila Times

And Lito Lapid . . . another actor in the Senate . . . seems content in being just a member of the silent majority.

*    *    *

E-Cane of US eyes partner for
$168-M ethanol project – Philippine Star

It should not be too difficult to get the likes of Danding Cojuangco or Manny Pangilinan to put up some $30 million out of the $56 equity required by the venture . . . whose green technology fully complies with the Kyoto Protocol.

*    *    *

Erap told: Run, let lawyers do the talking – Malaya

Erap should be told: Let younger leaders like Loren, Chiz, Ping, Manny, Jojo, and Mar do the running.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Judiciousness sans expeditiousness

Razon to Ayala: Where’s proof bomb caused blast? – Malaya

In other words, Ayala’s theory bombs unless they can present actual bomb fragments taken from Glorietta.

*    *    *

Estrada writing tell-all book on his life – Philippine Daily Inquirer

The gentleman is not the ‘kiss and tell’ type so the book is instead expected to spotlight sensational cases of graft and corruption . . . especially during FVR’s watch when Erap was VP.

*    *    *

‘3 Kings’ ends Christmas season – Manila Bulletin

But no end is in sight for this paper’s predictable . . . and sometimes downright inane . . . headlines like this one.

*    *    *

Monsanto corn gets clearance – Manila Standard Today

The Bureau of Plant Industry has extended for another five years the commercial propagation of a genetically modified seed variety developed by Monsanto Philippines.

Another variety of corn propagated in this space has the same planning horizon.

*    *    *

Biazon confirms Roxas-Pangilinan
problem in LP – Philippine Daily Inquirer

The problem is Sen. Pangilinan who thinks he’s also in the running to be the LP standard bearer . . . perhaps purely on the ‘strength’ that he’s the husband of megastar Sharon Cuneta.

*    *    *

Escudero warns of ‘overnight’ deals – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Sen. Chiz also calls ‘em ‘retirement funds’ . . . a quick way for crooked administration officials to get their hands on tons of money in kickbacks before they step aside in 2010.

*    *    *

Comelec explains slow pace of
electoral cases – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Its spokesman insists the commissioners have to balance “judiciousness and expeditiousness” but I’ve been told that the slow pace is in stark contrast to a rather expeditious ‘bidding’ at the outset of each important case.

*    *    *

Lacson says 'Jeep ni Erap' now overcrowded – ABS-CBN News

Sen. Ping is right . . . and oddly enough, it’s Erap who’s taking the most space.

*    *    *

BuCor execs: Shortcuts done on
Jalosjos release order – ABS-CBN News

To make a long story longer, it now looks like the convicted child rapist followed this advice: “Buy low” and must have paid off some Bureau of Corrections officials but did not (could not?) buy his early freedom from ‘higher ups’ at DOJ.

*    *    *

Gunman kills suspected drug dealer in Pangasinan – GMA News

But there’s no proof that it was a ‘sample’ by the Davao Death Squad.

*    *    *

Senators say GMA can’t be trusted on ID revival – Malaya

In fact, there are quite a few senators who would say that GMA can’t be trusted . . . period!

*    *    *

Ombudsman sues GSIS officials – Manila Standard Today

The problem was, something must have been lost in translation of bidding guidelines from English to Ilongo because the construction of the GSIS Iloilo field office was awarded to the contractor that submitted the highest bid . . . not to the lowest bidder.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Jinggoy denies report linking
him to Sunshine Cruz – GMA News

And probably would also deny that he ever sang “You are my Sunshine”.

*    *    *

Lung Center workers seek exec’s ouster – Philippine Daily Inquirer

They have reason to hold their breath: The Palace has already announced a successor to erring LC executive director Dr. Juanito Rubio . . . who’s still trying to hang on.

*    *    *

President’s son on ‘indefinite leave’
from Lakas party – Philippine Daily Inquirer

A definite sign from Cong. Mikey that ousting Speaker Joe . . . who’s president of Lakas . . . is just a matter of time.

*    *    *

44% believe GMA, admin lying to people – Daily Tribune

Time for GMA to hire ‘better’ liars than Bunye, Remonde, et. al.?

*    *    *

Gonzalez: GMA, not foreign media, is my boss – Malaya

But it’s starting to look like Raul Gonzalez is really working for Raul Gonzalez.

*    *    *

‘Plot’ seen as ploy to extend Esperon – Malaya

And that’s why it’s easy to agree with Sen. Pong Biazon that the supposed impending coup is just another ‘moro-moro’.

*    *    *

US aviation agency tags RP
unsafe port of origin – Daily Tribune

One cited problem: “The CAA does not provide adequate inspector guidance to ensure enforcement of, and compliance with, minimum international standards.” Add to that our propensity to say “Yes” to friends and relatives who request us to carry packages . . . that often pass still wrapped and uninspected through airport pre-departure security . . . for mutual friends and relatives in the US.

*    *    *

Zubiri: Oil firms funding drive vs biofuels – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Quite understandably . . . as they have reportedly funded opposition to fuel cells and other non-fossil fuel sources in the past.

*    *    *

Razon: Arroyo will finish her
term despite destab effort – Malaya

An unabashed signal from the top cop that he wishes to be ‘extended’ until GMA finishes her term . . . if that’s at all possible.

*    *    *

Commissioner on Human Rights
questions DoJ guidelines for media – Manila Bulletin

CHR Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano makes a good point: Sec. Raul Gonzalez’s plan to impose guidelines on media coverage during emergency situations is ‘prior restraint’ that violates freedom of the press as embodied in the Constitution . . . which is lost on the DoJ sec whose ignorance of the law is getting more noticeable by the week.

*    *    *

Erap: Not my intention to run but
to unite opposition – Manila Bulletin

Not to be believed because Erap’s actions in recent weeks are pointing to the contrary.

*    *    *

Poll: Admin good on foreign affairs,
poor on corruption – Philippine Star

So, is Lulli doing a better job of overseeing DFA than her mom running the whole country?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Same banana from China

Palace to question two Cebu
luxury-car dealers – Manila Standard Today

The interrogation could dwell on questions like, “How’s the weather in Cebu?” . . . what with the Arroyo clan reportedly owning some 20 of those luxury vehicles.

*     *    *

Chinatown makeover set to begin – Manila Times

Expect Binondo to regain its old glory, especially after Mayor Lim’s brilliant move to effectively grant total autonomy to the Chinatown Development Authority that will henceforth be composed of and managed by highly regarded Pilipino-Chinese business leaders.

*    *    *

“So what?”, JDV says of Mikey’s leave – Philippine Star

The ‘what?’ part simply means that JdV should be stepping aside very soon . . . whether he likes it or not.

*    *    *

CSC: 40% of govt officials unqualified for posts – ABS-CBN News

That includes cabinet members . . . although Civil Service Commission boss Karina David stopped short of naming certain ex-military men.

*    *    *

Govt orders pullout of mislabeled
male sex pill – Manila Standard Today

Joshua Ramos, deputy director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs, warns: “Your whole body could stiffen taking it” . . . which is not hard to swallow if what you bought was advertised merely as a food supplement.

*    *    *

GMA off to Switzerland, UAE – Manila Bulletin

There’s no telling whether a certain gentleman in her entourage will don his ‘Jose Pidal’ hat at some juncture during the trip.

*    *    *

DOJ mulls rebellion raps
versus mystery reporter ABS-CBN News

Since Ces Drilon and Ellen Tordesillas have been effectively ruled out and the mystery newshen is not Pinky Webb, she could be a local stringer for a foreign news organization.

*    *    *

Govt dangles exile to Nur – Manila Times

It should be a no-brainer for Misuari: Ship out and hang out in Libya with his benefactor Khaddafi . . . or stay around while his fate is kept hanging indefinitely.

*    *    *

Bishops, Cabinet hold secret meeting – Philippine Star

The secret could not be kept under wraps for too long because . . . just between us girls . . . more than 10 cabinet members and almost a dozen CBCP starwarts were in attendance.

*    *    *

Biofuels not a question between food vs fuel’ – Philippine Star

That’s according to DOST usec for research and development Graciano Yumul . . . echoing a point I made in last week’s piece.

*    *    *

DOTC pushes ‘broadband’ – Manila Times

New partners, new name . . . same banana.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

‘Hello and goodbye, Garci’

Chief Justice Puno: Fine will
do for libel – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Fine . . . but you know what’ll happen if you don’t pay the fine.

*    *    *

Ex-town mayor killed in Manila court shooting – Philippine Star

You can see things have gone from bad to worse when the execution precedes the sentencing.

*    *    *

Bishop assails healing priest – Malaya

Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros should just allow Fr. Fernando Suarez to do his healing masses whenever and wherever he wants in his archdiocese, lest the bishop’s flock notice that the old prelate himself needs emergency healing for talking too much . . . which is also known as ‘diarrhea of the mouth’.

*    *    *

Court rules Erap assets exempt
from garnishment – Manila Standard Today

The Sandiganbayan’s Special Division rendered a fair decision, considering that the assets in question were acquired during Erap’s years as an actor . . . long before he became President Estrada.

*    *    *

Bill Gates gives US$19.9 million grant to
Philippine-based rice research facility – Philippine Star

The grant to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Laguna will be utilized to develop and distribute rice varieties that can withstand drought, floods and salty water . . . and it’s a good thing Gates picked IRRI instead of the Department of Agriculture, where the funds could dry up before it accomplishes its intended goals.

*    *    *

New Comelec chief urged to
revive ‘Hello Garci’ probe – Daily Tribune

It’s wishful thinking for CBCP and the political opposition not to expect incoming Chairman Melo to say ‘Goodbye, Garci’ . . . as expected by the Palace.

*    *    *

JdV ouster plot still on – Daily Tribune

And it will remain on the table . . . if only to discourage JdV’s son from making any further charges beyond that ‘Back off!’ thing.

*    *    *

ZTE-NBN key witness gets
Palace threats; backs out – Daily Tribune

Even without the alleged death threats, the Palace is expected to invoke ‘executive privilege’ to prevent Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. . . . who’s currently president and chief executive officer of the Philippine Forest Corporation, a subsidiary of the government-owned Natural Resources Development Corp.. . . from spilling the beans on Arroyo, Abalos, Arroyo, et.al.

*    *    *

Palace downplays US journal’s
charges vs GMA – Daily Tribune

Unfortunately for chief presidential legal counsel Sergio Apostol, you can read the full text of ‘The Arroyo Imbroglio in the Philippines’ in the current issue of Journal of Democracy and judge for yourself if the sources for the well-documented article can be lumped together as downright ‘leftists’.

*    *    *

Senate offers witness protection to Lozada – Philippine Star

If Lozada decides to show up at the NBN probe at the Senate, what he would really need is ‘wetness protection’ because those reported death threats and intense intimidation from unnamed Palace functionaries would be enough for him to pee in his pants.

*    *    *

Loren: I don’t need a husband to run in 2010 – Philippine Star

Loren is absolutely right. The country won’t miss a First Gentleman . . . certainly not another one like the current FG.

By L. ‘ManongNoy’ Seņeres    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The three behind The Tree

Mike Arroyo denies pushing for JDV ouster – ABS-CBN News

Big Mike can’t possibly be expected to admit that it was all about the Arroyo clan punishing the father of a son with a big mouth.

*     *    *

JDV pals: Puno behind ex-speaker's ouster – ABS-CBN News

And behind The Tree were three you-know-whos.

*    *    *

Neri: Run after the big persons,
deal makers, not me – Philippine Star

Talk like that can provoke one really big person to spit on Neri’s face also . . . and tell him to “Back off!”, too.

*    *    *

My wife is as moral as any bishop,
says Enrile – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Any bishop? Like Crisostomo Yalung, who was sacked as Antipolo bishop after he got his lover pregnant . . . or Teodoro Bacani, who was charged with sexual harassment by his secretary?

*    *    *

Papal Nuncio: Promote what’s good
& true, denounce the false – Manila Bulletin

The Pope’s rep should be careful whom he’s calling ‘false’ . . . somebody in the Palace might think he’s a destabilizer!

*    *    *

Archbishop bans Suarez’s healing
sessions in Pangasinan
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz complains that the “Healing Priest”s masses are “open to abuses, like superstition, hysteria, fanaticism, and money” . . . issues that could miraculously vanish if Fr. Suarez would make prior arrangements with Archbishop Cruz for a nice cut of the collection money.

*    *    *

Villar: De Venecia’s ouster had
Palace’s obvious hand – Philippine Daily Inquirer

What was even more obvious was the Palace’s devious hand.

*    *    *

Gov't workers slams JDV’s moral revolution – Philippine Star

Ne details were available if the ‘never heard’ Convergence of Vigilant, Empowered and Responsible Government Employees (CONVERGE) was actually in existence earlier than yesterday.

*    *    *

Lozada arrives from HK, but vanishes at airport – ABS-CBN News

Retired general Angel Atutubo, who used to work directly under GMA, has reportedly admitted that he escorted Jun Lozada as he emerged from the aircraft and handed him over to a certain SPO4 Roger Valeroso . . . who diverted him to the tarmac.and whisked him away to parts unknown.

*    *    *

Palace: We don't know where Jun Lozada is – ABS-CBN News

Better to appear clueless than be seen as co-conspirator in Lozada’s ‘detour’.

*    *    *

De Venecia: FG, Razon financed my ouster – Philippine Star

Ricky Razon ranks 11th on Forbes Magazine’s list of the Philippines’ 40 Richest but the FG is not on it . . . not yet . . . until Forbes finds a way to count what I would call ‘sub-surface’ assets.

*    *    *

PAL embarks on P3.5-B fleet renovation program – Philippine Star

Extremely smart thinking by PAL to phase out First Class and enhance its Mabuhay (Business) Class on its wide-body aircraft . . . complete with luxurious “cocoon” seats supplied by Recaro of Germany that enables one to enjoy utmost privacy while an ergonomic design transforms it into a lie-flat bed.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Selective amnesia; temporary stupidity

UNO calls on Gloria to resign – Daily Tribune

UNO can try counting to TRES but Gloria would still not resign.

*    *    *

SC Favors Airing of ‘Hello, Garci’ – Newsbreak

A sign that the Supreme Court expects another People Power to say ‘Goodbye’ soon to Garci’s phone pal?

*    *    *

Good gov’t commissioner stops
reporting for work – Manila Standard Today

That probably makes him a bad gov’t commissioner.

*     *    *

Lozada says gov't men in ZTE hearing
had selective amnesia – GMA TV News

Temporary stupidity was also evident . . . in those whose actions plainly manifested obstruction of justice.

*    *    *

Agent accused of abducting Lozada
takes leave of absence – GMA TV News

Will he also take a ‘vacation’ abroad until the NBN-ZTE probe is over?

*    *    *

Malakanyang, hindi isusuko
si FG sa mga senador – RMN News

Baka naman lalong magagalit ang taong bayan pag inindian na naman ni Big Boy ang Senado.

*    *    *

NBI agents raid Lozada
office at PhilForest – ABS-CBN News

Those G-men appear determined to make the Palace look even worse.

*    *    *

MBC calls on Neri, Atienza to resign – Philippine Star

In brief, Neri for not having the cojones to tell the truth and Atienza for having the balls to lie with a straight face.

*    *    *

Joker: Broadband deal witness 
Lozada no Clarissa – Manila Times

On the contrary, Lozada’s revelations would have wider repercussions than Clarissa’s. But Sen. Joker seems to be better off now than when he was as a human rights lawyer . . . although he appears to be lawyering for the Palace more often than not.

*    *    *

Lozada offered free legal aid by MABINI lawyers – Manila Times

Apolinario Mabini . . . who, unfortunately, is more remembered as the ‘Sublime Paralytic’ than the writer of the first Philippine Constitution . . . would have been proud.

*    *    *

Joker clams up – Malaya

That’s after Joker accused Lozada of ‘bad faith’ in being selective of the people he talks to. Only to be told by Lozada he has been talking to both sides. And that he had indeed also spoken to the senator’s wife . . . who reportedly asked him to clam up.

*    *    *

Sandigan upholds filing of graft vs
Macapagal Blvd contractor – Philippine Star

Another case of frying the small fry only.

By L. ‘ManongNoy’ Seņeres    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She no evil, her no evil?

Lawyers to GMA: Form Independent
Body to Probe NBN-ZTE Deal – Newsbreak

ManongNoy to lawyers: Please suggest a name without the word ‘commission’ in it.

*    *    *

Lozada: ‘Neri said Arroyo is evil’ – Philippine Daily Inquirer

And that was one of the nicer things that Neri said?

*    *    *

Neri on ‘evil’ tag: I don’t remember
saying that – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Neri, of course, was expected to say that in the interest of his continued good health.

*    *    *

New NBN witness to pin down Gloria – Daily Tribune

New witness is likely to become ‘no witness’ if the Palace gets to her/him first.

*    *    *

Geneva Pinoys call for Gloria ouster – Daily Tribune

Have we heard from the Zurich Pinoys . . . especially the ones that could be working for those secretive Swiss bankers?

*    *    *

Independent prober urged; Mike a no-show;
classmate Gutierrez inhibits herself – Malaya

And the Ombudsman’s ‘moro-moro’ continues . . .

*    *    *

Private sector wants say in gov’t projects – BusinessWorld

‘Private sector’ in this case refers to all others that do not have Arroyo, Araneta. Aboitiz, Abalos, Razon, and Dee as surnames.

*    *    *

Lozada, Ping admit secret meet,
fundraising for Neri – Manila Standard Today

Apparently, the ‘patriotic money’ raised was not enough to afford Neri some sort of a ‘golden parachute’ that would allow him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle that he is said to have become accustomed to.

*    *    *

Jun: Neri lost faith in GMA – Manila Times

Too bad Neri lost his nerve also before he could spill the beans on GMA.

*    *    *

DOJ will also look into alleged
Lozada kidnapping – ABS-CBN News

And the poor fellow will be presumed lying until proven honest.

*    *    *

Arroyo: 'Transparency group' to check vs corruption – ABS-CBN News

Pres. Arroyo created the Procurement Transparency Group last year and tasked it to install anti-graft watchdogs in government offices. Complete with blinders?

*    *    *

Palace exec: P.5 M from me – Philippine Star

The Presidential Anti Graft Commission (PAGC) should check whether Deputy Executive Secretary Manuel Gaite really has independent means to hand out P.5 mil cash ‘shopping money’ to officials that flee the country to avoid Senate probes.

*    *    *

JDV seeks House inquiry on alleged
cheating in 2004 election – Philippine Star

The ex-Speaker wants to do the impossible . . . in the House where he has just been ousted.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

‘Anti-ageing’ contract

Bishops hold special meet today,
a first since eve of Edsa 1 – Malaya

I’m praying that their expenses are not being fully covered by Pagcor.

*    *    *

Anti-ageing substance found
in bullfrogs – Philippine Daily Inquirer

A group of South Korean researchers have discovered a material from bullfrogs’ skin that’s useful in removing free radicals . . . molecules that hasten the ageing process of human cells . . . and that’s no fairy tale.

*    *    *

P10-M contract to kill Jun – Manila Times

Let’s pray that Jun will be protected from this ‘anti-ageing’ alternative.

*    *    *

JDV calls on GMA to resign – Philippine Star

File that under ‘Missed calls’.

*    *    *

Marcos Jr.: We need to build
up our institutions – Manila Times

Cong. Bongbong: Can we put you on hold . . . until after the current political crisis is over?

*    *    *

Gun ban in force until Monday – Philippine Star

That means we can expect zero power grab until Tuesday or later?

*    *    *

Senators: No way out for GMA – Philippine Star

What’s the matter, the US Embassy can’t lend us USAF choppers this time around?

*    *    *

Enrile to GMA: Give up power, you’re dead – Philippine Star

Mang Juan probably believes GMA only has 2 options: Choose between being a dead duck or remain a sitting duck.

*    *    *

Probe on House ‘ghost’ consultants sought – Philippine Star

It’s quite possible they were hired under Republic Act 15-30 . . . so those ‘ghosts’ would only show up on the 15th and 30th of the month just to pick up their pay.

*    *    *

Police, military stand by Arroyo – Manila Standard Today

‘Stand by’ is preferable because if they ‘stand behind’ Pres. Arroyo, she may have to watch her back.

*    *    *

Impeachment case vs GMA better than
ouster calls, says lawmaker – Daily Tribune

What makes Sen. Angara think that the opposition would actually take advice from a pro-Gloria solon like him, unless he has decided to switch sides . . . again?

*    *    *

Lozada, kin linked to land mess – Manila Standard Today

While Jun Lozada is self-admittedly no angel, Chavit Singson hardly qualifies for sainthood but remember how his accusations almost single-handedly caused the ouster of Erap?

*    *    *

More than 100 solons visit Palace
in show of support – Manila Bulletin

However, unlike on a previous occasion, no videos have surfaced showing the Palace’s usual ‘show of support’ for the solons.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bishops to see ‘she-devil’?

'Dialogue with Malacaņang over EO 464 useless' – ABS-CBN News

Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of San Fernando is right. . . . although the proposed dialogue could be useful to those among his fellow bishops who want to receive extra blessings from a newly-popular ‘patron saint’: San Pagcor

*    *    *

Militant women tag GMA as 'she-devil' – Philippine Star

OK, now let’s wait for Sen.Jamby to come up with a precisely gender-specific tag for Romy Neri.

*    *    *

Palace team sets meet
with bishops on EO 464 – Malaya

Palace team may include the Undersecretary for Envelopmental Affairs.

*    *    *

Opposition rejects De Castro succession – Malaya

Smart presidentiables like Loren don’t want Kabayan to get a headstart for 2010.

*    *    *

Recall of Estrada pardon
unlikely – Manila Standard Today

Probably because neither Sergio Apostol nor Raul Gonzalez . . . the most ‘senior’ cabinet members . . . can recall why they brought it up in the first place.

*    *    *

Duterte vows loyalty to
the people, not Arroyo – GMA TV

Which can only mean that the Davao mayor is just about ready to become an Arroyo ex-ally.

*    *    *

President Arroyo heckled in Laguna;
Lozada cheered in Manila – ABS-CBN News

Guess what happens if Pres. Arroyo shows up in Makati.

*    *    *

Former cabinet members write second
demand letter to President Arroyo – ABS-CBN News

That letter will likely be returned to senders.

*    *    *

SWS: Mike Arroyo trust rating
hits record low – ABS-CBN News

At net -51 percent, this is reportedly the lowest rating for the ‘he-devil’ since 2001.

*    *    *

Esperon: Retired officers recruiting
troops vs Arroyo – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Esperon sez the retired officers are urging active troops to "come out for the truth." . . . something that now appears to be very low in the order of priorities of the top general.

*    *    *

Palace to Aquino: Be agent of
development, not discord – Philippine Daily Inquirer

What? No more vacancies for agent of kickbacks?

*    *    *

Live TV mulled to discourage solons’
tardiness, absenteeism – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Which would also encourage grandstanding and kilometric speeches.

*    *    *

FG faces Ombudsman, denies
corruption – Philippine Daily Inquirer

And as Lulli would say, “I told you so!”

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Surprise! Surprised!

De Venecia on Lakas-Kampi merger:
‘God forbid’ – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Does that mean that God should disallow the ‘evil’ one from merging Lakas with Kampi?

*    *    *

Imelda not guilty of dollar salting – ABS-CBN News

The not-so-sweet news: Imelda can only subtract the 32 dismissed cases from some 901 that were originally filed against the Marcoses.

*    *    *

Nograles is new Lakas-CMD president – ABS-CBN News

An extra collar for the same Palace lap dog.

*    *    *

JDV quits as Lakas president,
refuses ‘emeritus’ position – GMA News

Possibly because the emeritus tag would make JDV appear to be much older than Manay Gina.

*    *    *

Palace draws blank on new NBN witness – Daily Tribune

But the former PNOC boss can reportedly fill in many blanks in the outrageous Spratlys deal.

*    *    *

Seismic study defended – Manila Standard Today

What’s getting to be indefensible are the aftershocks that are currently the Palace.

*    *    *

Natural gas buses start rolling out – Manila Standard Today

The green buses will run on compressed natural gas . . . not hot gasses from exhaust vents of the Batasan building.

*    *    *

Ombudsman doing lifestyle check
on Lozada – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Which only goes to show that the Ombudsman has a rotten sense of PR . . .aside from setting aside common sense . . . by not training her guns instead on ‘The Greedy Four’ and ‘Plus Plus’.

*    *    *

New NBN witness knows little about 'greed' – ABS-CBN News

I’m listening to the Tuesday Senate probe as I write this item and Leo San Miguel clearly knows a lot about self-preservation. . . which is why he is obviously lying through his teeth.

*    *    *

RP retains ‘most corrupt’ economy in Asia tag – Daily Tribune

First Ladies all over Asia must be green with envy . . . imagine missing out on hundreds of millions of green bucks in under-the-table ‘success fees’.

*    *    *

‘Surprise witness’ surprises
Lacson – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Which is not really surprising if we consider that the Palace has already gone to great lengths in trying to insulate the Fat Pig . . . not to mention the evil one . . . from what is perceptively their deep involvement in the NBN-ZTE super-scandal

*    *    *

JdV clears Arroyo on Spratlys deal – Manila Standard Today

In the process, JdV ia actually trying to clear JdV.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is there a Cardinal Pinocchio?

Ermita, Gaite linked to Japan lot ripoff – Daily Tribune

Hey, those guys are only trying to make hay . . . like their boss . . . before all of them are evicted from the Palace.

*    *    *

Graft a sin, but spare Gloria from ouster say bishops – Daily Tribune

In short we can tell Gloria to go to hell . . . but we can’t demand her resignation?

*    *    *

PNP commissions 500 new police vehicles – GMA News

Commissions? As in ‘tong-pats’?

*    *    *

China: Accord with RP, Vietnam
conducive to peace – Manila Bulletin

Also conductive to elbowing the US out of oil exploration prospects in the Spratlys.

*    *    *

Angara: Noli-Vi 2010 tandem a
‘Broadway team-up’ – Daily Tribune

My pre-show take: Gov. Vi could raise the competence level of the proposed tandem by 100%.

*    *    *

Zubiri: SC ruling on Pimentel
bid seals case – ABS-CBN News

Sen. Zubiri shouldn’t uncork the champagne just yet. The SC decision simply pointed out that the Senate Electoral Tribunal instead has jurisdiction over the case.

*    *    *

Bishops: ‘Thou shall not steal’ – Manila Bulletin

To bishops: Thou shalt not stall.

*    *    *

Vidal denies banning priests
in Lozada Mass – ABS-CBN News

If, after this denial, the nuns backing Jun Lozada still can’t get even one priest in all of Cebu to say Mass with Jun in attendance, they might start referring to somebody as Cardinal Pinocchio.

*    *    *

El Shaddai's Bro. Mike: Let Neri
testify in ZTE hearing – ABS-CBN News

Either that or let Mike Velarde take over a government-owned TV channel that he is said to be casting a moist eye on.

*    *    *

Govt asks fast-food chains to
offer less rice – ABS-CBN News

At the rate rice prices are rising due to a severe shortage in several Asian countries, Pinoys may really end up eating less rice . . . for the same price or more.

*    *    *

Bicol archbishop bars priests
from saying Mass for Lozada – GMA News

Along with Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop Leonardo Legaspi may yet succeed in inadvertently reducing the size of his flock as some members have began to see the Catholic Church as ‘irrelevant’.

*    *    *

Gloria lifts bar to Neri appearance

Glory to God! Or shouldn’t we wait until Romulo Neri actually feels fear of his god . . . other than the one at the Palace . . . and show up at the Senate after the Holy Week reccess?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Covering up the cover-up

Arroyo joins nation in praying for
Cory Aquino – Philippine Daily Inquirer

It’s hard to tell if Arroyo and the nation are really praying for the same good thing for the cancer-stricken ex-Pres. Cory.

*    *    *

Ex-DND personnel involved in irregular
bidding of choppers explain side – GMANews

Details were not disclosed but none of the justifications are expected to fly.

*    *    *

GMA: RP has enough rice – Philippine Star

Here’s GMA’s problem: Can impoverished Pinoys afford to buy any rice at all when prices spiral to double or even triple in the coming lean months starting June?

*    *    *

GMA’s performance, trust ratings
nosedive nationwide – Daily Tribune

GMA’s distrust rating is up at 57% while the FG’s is at 63% . . . both of which are self-explanatory.

*    *    *

Lim’s son says he was buying,
not selling shabu – Daily Tribune

Buying 100 grams? Was the younger Lim inferring that wholesale drug possession is not a crime?

*    *    *

2 assassins kill Comelec legal director – Manila Times

What’s doubly illegal about this: Wynne Asdala is the second chief of the Comelec’s Legal Department to be assassinated. His predecessor, Alioden Dalaig, was fatally gunned down four months ago as he emerged from a casino in Ermita.

*    *    *

Arroyo to traders: No price hikes – Manila Times

No kidding? These are just empty words until Pres.Arroyo summons the so-called ‘Binondo 7’ and threatens them with serious jail time if they persist in hoarding and profiteering at a time like this.

*    *    *

Lacson denies threatening Mawanay – Philippine Daily Inquirer

Nobody should waste time listening to a highly ‘convertible’ witness who has virtually zero credibility.

*    *    *

Ex-Marines commandant, 7 others charged
over 2005 case of missing firearms – GMANews

Brig. Gen. (retired) Percival Subala must now be a hero to those outlaws that are now in possession of new 72 H&K MP5 sub-machineguns that he and his men may have ‘converted’ to cash.

*    *    *

GMA’s justices uphold Neri’s
silence, castrate Senate – Daily Tribune

Which leaves open the likelihood that GMA will castrate others after Neri . . . now that certain Supreme Court justices can be counted upon to cover up the cover-up.

*    *    *

Senate looking at other ways to
'skin the cat' after SC ruling – GMANews

It should be interesting to see who’s better . . . between the Senate and the Palace . . . at playing the cat and mouse game when it comes to witnesses.

*    *    *

Binay: Gov’t living in fantasy by denying rice crisis – Daily Tribune

But Arroyo is still living happily in the Palace . . . while Binay can only cast moist eyes on it.

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