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By L. ‘ManongNoy’ Seņeres    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Master Sergeant Pacquiao outranks ‘Generals’

Marines seize alleged Abu Sayyaf marijuana
plantation in Sulu – ABS CBN News 06-30-2008

Must have been a ‘high’ priority target.

*    *    *

DILG exec: Convicted US Marine moved
to container van – Philippine Daily Inquirer 06-31-2008

Hey, wetaminit! Are they planning to ship this guy out?

*    *    *

Witness: Isnaji saw chance to 'make money'
from Drilon kidnap – ABS CBN News 06-30-2008

It did look somewhat fishy when the kidnappers insisted on ‘nominating’ Mayor Isnaji and his son to serve as negotiators.

*    *    *

Nine-month low for peso – BusinessWorld 06-30-2008

At P44.90 per dollar, this has to be a new ‘high’ for OFWs and their dependents.

*    *    *

Neri transfer to SSS seen – Daily Tribune 06-30-2008

The coward has proven in a pathetic way that silence is indeed ‘golden’.

*    *    *

Refrigerated hand tools? Only in the
Philippines! – Manila Times 06-30-2008

The ‘hand tools’ turned out to be smuggled onions . . . in refrigerated containers cleared for entry by 21 Customs officials.

*    *    *

Palace allies linked to Pagcor project – Manila Times 06-30-2008

Can a new company that has neither a track record in the gaming business nor proven financial capability become the newest multi-billion investor in the proposed “Tourism City” . . . that’s being positioned as ‘the new Macao’ . . . project of Pagcor? Yes, and blame it on ‘lutong Macao’.

*    *    *

GMA scraps China deal on Northrail – Philippine Star 07-02-2008

But the Chinese ambassador said “It’s completely not true.” so one of them must be partially lying?

*    *    *

GenSan ‘generals’ ready hero’s
welcome for Pacquiao – Philippine Star 07-02-2008

That’s how residents of General Santos call themselves but the champ himself has been promoted thrice . . . you can now call him Reserve Master Sergeant Pacquiao . . . and ‘outranks’ them all.

*    *    *

Sulpicio cargo ships can sail – Philippine Star 07-02-2008

Yeah, but can their remaining captains be counted on to have better common sense than to sail into a raging typhoon?

*    *    *

Search on for RP patriotic doctors – Philippine Star 07-02-2008

Doctors who have left the country for higher-paying jobs abroad need not raise their hands.

*    *    *

Makati transport goes green – Malaya 07-02-2008

Kudos to Mayor Jojo for fielding the first electric jeepneys (e-jeepneys) after green public transports got permission in May from the LTO to ply commercial routes.

*    *    *

After 30% slide, Asia rice could find
floor price – BusinessWorld 07-02-2008

But not until the Philippines stops causing the ceiling price to rise.

*    *    *

Sulpicio sues weathermen, blames God
for disaster – Manila Standard Today 07-02-2008

God! Can’t Sulpicio Lines stop bungling its PR?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The stupidity of intelligence

Imelda Marcos backs out of testifying against
Lucio Tan – Manila Standard Today, July 7, 2008

Imelda begged off “for health reasons”. The hearing coincided with her July 2nd birthday . . . when she turned a not too healthy 79.

*    *    *

Public transit packed as gas soars in
Metro Manila – ABS CBN News, July 7, 2008

On the plus side, there are less traffic jams . . . but not quite whenever PacMan has a televised championship bout.

*    *    *

Baja: RP consulate's silence on trafficking
case puzzling – ABS CBN News, July 7, 2008

Could it be because it’s never a good idea to contradict the truth?

*    *    *

Manila may import more rice to
offset Frank losses – ABS CBN News, July 7, 2008

Expect world rice prices to jump . . . as exporters in Vietnam and Thailand go back to including the usual kickbacks.

*    *    *

Chiz happy for Loren to take lead
in 2010 – Manila Times, July 7, 2008

Chiz, of course, was careful not to cite seniority as the reason behind his offer to be the lovely Loren’s running mate instead trying to do a Ping Lacson.

*    *    *

Kidnap raps eyed vs MSU
prof – Philippine Star, July 7, 2008

One lesson that Mindanao State University professor Octavio Dinampo must have learned by now: He should not have made a 180 degree turn from his 2 previous affidavits and tried to clear the Isnajis of kidnapping Ces Drilon and her crew.

*    *    *

Ombudsman prodded on
Jocjoc – Philippine Star, July 7, 2008

It’s actually the wrong Ombudsman to prod. Merceditas Gutierrez cannot be expected to lift a finger to speed things up . . . as much as the first one in the post-GMA era.

*    *    *

Population, typhoons keep RP from being
rice self-sufficient – Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 7, 2008

CBCP, please take note of the ‘population’ part.

*    *    *

JDV says he is ready to testify vs Arroyo
on NBN-ZTE scandal – ABS CBN News, July 8, 2008

JDV . . . who has never met a mic he didn’t like . . . could set a record for the most long-winded testimony.

*    *    *

CA tells AMLC: Produce more evidence
vs Bolante, accounts
– GMA News, July 8, 2008

Those 70 Bolante accounts that . . . quite possibly . . . could have a grand total balance of only P70 by now?

*    *    *

Immigration intelligence chief,
agent sacked – Malaya, July 8, 2008

For 2 separate counts of stupidity . . . in not securing a mission order before arresting a foreign national on suspicion of drug trafficking.

*    *    *

SSS chief confirms resignation – Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 8, 2008

Which creates an opening for the expected successor: the ‘silent on demand’ Romulo Neri.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet trash talk

Guard-less BPI branch loses P1m
to robbers – Manila Standard Today 07-15-2008

BPI should fire the exec who made this brainless cost-cutting decision.

*    *    *

Pre-paid electricity coming soon? – Philippine Star 07-15-2008

And have your own private brownout if your ‘load’ inadvertently runs out?

*    *    *

Perez to stand trial for falsifying
public documents – ABS-CBN News 07-15-2008

The same Perez who was actually Justice secretary.

*    *    *

Pro-choice solon unfazed by
bishop's threat – Malaya 07-15-2008

Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin may have heard that it might still be possible to enter heaven after one is denied the sacrament of Holy Communion . . . by bishops who are sadly lacking in common sense.

*    *    *

GSIS head faces graft case – Manila Times 07-15-2008

Fair warning to Romulo Neri . . . the incoming SSS chief . . . who could be prone to doing the very same thing: ‘Reroute’ surplus funds to the Office of the President rather than the National Treasury as required by law.

*    *    *

Davao projects vie for farm modernization
funding – BusinessWorld 07-15-2008

One project that will benefit from the no-collateral, no-interest loans is a rice producer in Davao Oriental that plans to increase its drying capacity significantly by using mechanical driers . . . and help reduce the loss of 2.27 million metric tons each year due to the lack of modern post-harvest facilities.

*    *    *

Pacman to enter political ring again – Manila Times 07-15-2008

Let’s hope Pacquiao does not get knocked out again . . . this time while vying for the congressional seat to be vacated by Rep. Erwin Chiongbian of Sarangani.

*    *    *

Filipinos getting too fat from eating rice – Manila Times 07-15-2008

Perhaps switching to corn . . . and having less of the not as palatable alternative . . . would help?

*    *    *

Senate bent on pushing ahead with
ZTE probe – Manila Times 07-15-2008

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano points out that despite the Palace’s cancellation of the contract . . . which was ‘lost’ soon after it was signed by Pres. Arroyo in China . . . the Senate needs to look into violations of the anti-graft law.

*    *    *

Palace: New ERC chief can defend herself – Manila Times 07-15-2008

Newly appointed Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Chairperson Zenaida Ducut needs to prove that she's not related to the Ducuts behind a small company that recently bagged a huge coal supply contract with Napocor

*    *    *

WBC tells Pacquiao: Give up 1 of 2
titles – Philippine Daily Inquirer 07-15-2008

Even if the Filipino superstar relinquishes his World Boxing Council super featherweight crown in favor of his newly won WBC lightweight title, he would still be a super attraction whenever he fights because he has become the Tiger Woods of boxing.

*    *    *

Cuerpo sweetens pot for MMDA – Malaya 07-15-2008

It’s actually some kind of sweet trash talk: Rodriguez Mayor Pedro Cuerpo is offering the use of the Montalban Solid Waste Disposal Facility to MMDA at a 40% discount.

*    *    *

Palace keeps distance from Napocor
coal deal – Philippine Star 07-15-2008

A deal that has become too hot to handle.

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