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The news blogs guide features major
current events and satire blogs from around the world via our
News and Current Affairs Blogs Directory

Ana Marie Cox - Wonkette (US)
Anderson Cooper - AC 360 (US)
Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Dish (US)
Andy Borowitz - The Borowitz Report (US)
Ann Althouse (US)
Ann Coulter (US)
Anonymoses Hyperlincoln III (US)
Archpundit (US)
Ariana Huffington - The Huffington Post (US)
Bob Summerby - The Daily Howler (US)
Brian Williams - Daily Nightly (US)
Chris Cillizza - The Fix (US)
Chris Matthews - Hard Blogger (US)
Craig Crawford - Crawfordlist (US)
Crooked Timber (US)
Daily Kos (US)
Daimnation! (Canada)
David Cameron - Webcameron (UK)
DC Media Girl (US)
Ellen Tordesillas (Philippines)
Eschaton (US)
Glenn Greenwald (US}
Hammorabi (Iraq)
Histologion (Greece)
Instapundit (US)
Israpundit (Israel)
James Wolcott (US)
Johan Norberg (Sweden)
John Amato - Crooks and Liars (US)
Josh Marshall - Talking Points Memo (US)
Juan Cole - Informed Comment (US)
Keith Olbermann - Bloggermann (US)
Kevin Sites (US)
Kosmopolit (Romania)
Laura Rozen - War and Piece (US)

Mahathir Mohamad (Malaysia)
Manuel L. Quezon III (Philippines)
Marc Cooper (US)
Matthew Gross - Deride and Conquer (US)
Matthew Yglesias (US)
Mickey Kaus - Kausfiles (US}
My Two Sense (US)
Oliver Willis (US)
Pandagon (US)
Political Cortex (US)
Political Punch (US}
Political Wire (US)
Politico (US)
Power Line (US)
Richard Allan - Post Political Times (UK)
Roger Simon (US}
Slugger O’Toole (Northern Ireland)
Stephen Pollard (UK)
Steve Clemons - Washington Note (US)
Stuart’s Soapbox (UK)
Symus Ryan - A View From The Left (Ireland)
TalkLeft (US)
The Caucus (US}
The Front Line (South Africa)
The Green Room (UK)
The Head Heeb (Israel)
The Left Coaster (US)
The Road To Surfdom (Australia)
The Satirical Political Report (US}
The Smirking Chimp (US)
Tom Burka - Opinions You Should Have (US)
Tom Tomorrow - This Modern World (US)
Too Sense (US)
Watching Washington (US)

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