Our Mission

At NewsWealthTM, we aim to provide a user-friendly up-to-date directory of the world’s leading online newspapers, magazines, news radio stations, television news channels and other online news media resources. In order to accomplish this mission, we work within the following guidelines:

  • NewsWealth.com links only to media Web sites with free news and features content that are updated on a regular basis. We do not feature sites that serve only to advertise and solicit subscriptions to their hardcopy editions.
  • Our links to news media sites are in larger than usual text in order to also accommodate those who are slightly sight-impaired. We are WebTV friendly.
  • We generally select Web sites that download fairly quickly.
  • We maintain directory pages only for countries that have at least 8 available online news media resources which conform with the foregoing guidelines.

Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. That is why NewsWealth.com does not collect specific personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique set of numbers that serve as that computer's "Internet Protocol" (IP) address. When a visitor requests any page from NewsWealth.com’s Web site, our Web server automatically recognizes that visitor's IP address. The IP address reveals nothing personal about that visitor other than the IP address from where that visitor accessed our site. We use this information only to examine our visitor traffic in general, mainly to see how many visitors NewsWealth.com has served within a given time frame.

As a news media directory, NewsWealth.com contains many hyperlinks to third party news and information Web sites. NewsWealth.com also carries advertisements of third parties. NewsWealth.com has no control over nor is responsible for the privacy-related policies of such third party Web sites or advertisers.

Our Corporate Symbol


The stylized ‘N’ that stands for the first letter of NewsWealth™ resembles the paper path of a newspaper or magazine in the process of being printed on a 2-color roll-fed printing press.

Our concern for our planet’s environment is evident in the left segment that shows a protective canopy over a green globe.

A fish hook on the right side symbolizes NewsWealth.com’s reason for being: A Web site that is constantly “fishing” the Internet to catch and subsequently offer a wealth of the planet’s best news and information media resources.

Thank you for visiting NewsWealth.com. We hope you will tell your friends about us and come back often. We may be contacted at newswealth@usa.com